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Los Angeles

Links to Los Angeles-based advocacy organizations, government agencies, and policy research groups that focus on healthcare reform, access, and consumer education are presented below.  If you would like us to include your organization, please complete this short form.

The Coalition for Health & Justice works to improve health and access to quality healthcare in South Los Angeles by strengthening public policy, accountability and partnerships with government and private institutions through community engagement.

The Coalition for an Active South LA engages in efforts to integrate health and environmental policy into land use management, community planning, and urban design.

The Food Policy Roundtable is organized to improve food quality in existing retail food venues such as grocery and convenience stores.

The Food Resource Roundtable promotes food policy that supports investment in new retail food resources through community development strategies.

The Greater Baldwin Hills Alliance seeks to eliminate adverse health, safety and environmental risks and restore the area to parkland consistent with the Baldwin Hills Master Plan.

LA Access to Health Coverage Coalition brings together more than 25 community organizations from Los Angeles County to increase the capacity, advocacy and collaboration of organizations performing outreach, enrollment, retention and utilization activities for Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, and Healthy Kids.

The Neighborhood Food Watch is a community campaign that monitors the sale and promotion of food products to make sure there are nutritious food options in South Los Angeles.

The South LA Roundtable is composed of executives from South LA clinics and hospitals, physician networks and health policy groups who are working to develop short- and long-term initiatives to create an integrated system of healthcare for South LA.

Brotherhood Crusade provides financial and supportive services to programs that address health, education, social welfare, and issues facing economic growth and development in under-served areas.

Challenger Boys & Girls Club promotes the optimum social growth of inner city youth ages 6 to 17 through leadership, citizenship and educational development; cultural enrichment; health and physical education; environmental education; social and recreational activities; and parent involvement.

The Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) is a youth-centered nonprofit community development corporation in South Los Angeles. Its mission is to sustain, coordinate, and improve local planning, development, and community services that address the needs of South LA's low-income and working class residents and small businesses.

Community Coalition
works with African American and Latino residents to build a prosperous and healthy South LA with safe neighborhoods, quality schools, a strong social safety net and positive economic development in order to reduce crime, poverty and substance abuse in our community.

Community Development Technologies Center strengthens the skills and self-sufficiency of residents, businesses and community serving institutions through a variety of capacity building and direct service programs.

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation addresses the needs of LA's Figueroa Corridor through five core program areas: housing, health, economic development, education, and arts & science.

LA Best Babies is dedicated to achieving healthy pregnancies and births in Los Angeles County by providing the infrastructure, programs, advocacy and support to increase the capacity of community partners to succeed in these efforts.

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles provides civil legal services to poor and low-income people in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic provides mental health services to children, youth, and families in Central and South Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Community Action Network  builds indigenous leadership within the Central City East community to address the multitude of problems faced by homeless and very low-income residents of the community.

Los Angeles Community Garden Council The Los Angeles Community Garden Council helps people in LA County grow healthy, organic fruits and vegetables in their neighborhood.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches is an association of 50 small and mid-sized African American churches that work together to address hopelessness and despair by organizing around social justice issues related to poverty, education and health.

Maternal & Child Health Access assists individual women to achieve healthy pregnancies and obtain quality healthcare for themselves and their children, and educates policymakers and the public to improve the health and social services systems for all low income women and families and to benefit the entire community in which we live.

Neighborhood Legal Services  provides free legal services to low-income residents.

Physicians for Social Responsibility envisions a world in which the physicians’ adage to “prevent what we cannot cure” is reflected in public policies that foresee and forestall damage to human health and the environment.

South Central Family Health Center has played a major role in filling the void for comprehensive health services in the historically-underserved and uninsured population of South Los Angeles. It was designated an FQHC in 2002.

St. John's Well Child & Family Center serves as the primary source of healthcare for more than 100,000 poor and low-income residents of downtown and south Los Angeles.

Strategic Concepts in Organizing & Policy Education builds grassroots power to eliminate the structural barriers to social and economic opportunities for poor and disenfranchised communities.

UMMA Clinic promotes the well-being of the underserved by providing access to high quality healthcare for all, regardless of ability to pay.