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Action Alerts

Save Spaces for Healthy Places
LA City Council may exempt Council District 10 from the ban on new stand-alone fast food establishments in South LA. This exemption threatens to crowd out local businesses and limit choices for the community.
I Want a Healthier & Greener Community! ¡QUIERO UNA SANA Y MÁS VERDE COMUNIDAD!
Let your voice be heard on the New Community Plan for West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert Park that will guide development and growth for decades to come. Ask City Planning and the City of Los Angeles to support a strong, enforceable, and healthy community plan. Deja que tu voz sea escuchada acerca del nuevo Plan de la Comunidad del Parque West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert que guiará el desarrollo y crecimiento para las próximas décadas. Pregunte a la Planificación de la Ciudad y la Ciudad de Los Ángeles que apoyen un plan comunitario y saludable fuerte.
Let's Make South LA a Healthier Place to Eat, Live and Play!
If you want more healthy foods in South LA, join us in asking LA's City Council to cut red tape for new, healthy restaurants and grocery stores in our neighborhood and to place limits on the development of fast food restaurants.
Free Weight of the Nation Screening
Sign up to be notified about a free Weight of the Nation screening and forum. The Weight of the Nation is a presentation of HBO, the Institute of Medicine, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and the National Institutes of Health. If you've already signed CHC's Let's Make South LA a Healthier Place to Eat, Live and Play! petition above, you will automatically be notified when the screening is scheduled. Learn more at HBO's Weight of the Nation website.
I Want Transit That Benefits South LA
It's time to make sure transit that goes through South LA — benefits South LA! ¡Es hora de asegurar que el transito que pase por el Sur de LA — beneficie al Sur de LA!
Deficit Reduction Principles
The Budget Control Act of 2011 outlined key provisions to reduce the nation’s $14 trillion deficit. The Act calls for billions of dollars in cuts to defense and non-defense programs in FY 2011-2021, and established a Joint Select Committee to identify an additional $1.5 trillion in “savings.” Deliberations are currently underway. Please read CHC's principles to guide deficit reduction discussions and sign our petition. For more information on the principles, see Jobs, Healthy Communities & Revenue: Keys to Deficit Reduction.
Protect Medicaid
On August 2nd President Obama signed the Budget Control Act of 2011 (S. 365) into law. In exchange for an increase in the debt ceiling, the plan includes up to $2.5 trillion in immediate and future cuts to defense and non-defense programs through FY 2021. Join us in sending a message to Congress and the White House: Compromises that slash Medicaid funding or put coverage at risk for Medicaid beneficiaries are unacceptable.
Help Preserve Funding to Eliminate Racial & Ethnic Health Disparities!
The President’s 2012 budget proposal calls for the elimination of REACH US saying that the program’s goal to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities will be adequately addressed through the upcoming Community Transformation Grants. REACH 2010 and now REACH US stand out as the most successful federal initiatives in the struggle to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities using community-based coalitions and community participatory research in more than 40 rural, tribal and urban communities across the US. For more information, please visit the National Health Equity Coalition for a sign on letter and “I Too Am AMERICA!” postcard (also available in Spanish).
Protect the Health of California INACTIVE
Join CHC in our statewide budget postcard campaign! Ask the Governor and your state legislators to stop harmful cuts to California's safety net and healthcare system, place revenue options back on the table to stabilize the state budget, and reinvest in California's economy and families. Help position California to get more federal funding for healthcare, jobs, transportation, education and a healthy environment. Contact Catherine Sepulveda for more information.
Restuare El Hospital King! INACTIVO
Solicitemos Regentes de la Universidad de California unirse con el condado de Los Angeles para reabrir el Hospital Martin Luther King en el sur de Los Angeles. Oprima aquí, llene esta postal y regrésela a CHC o envíela a los dirigentes de la Universidad de California, a esta dirección: 1111 Franklin Street, piso 12, Oakland, CA 94607 Atención: Oficina del Secretario.
Restore King Hospital! INACTIVE
Ask USC's Board of Regents to partner with Los Angeles County to re-open Martin Luther King Hospital in South LA. Download this postcard and return to CHC or send to the University of California Board of Regents, c/o Office of the Secretary, 1111 Franklin Street, 12th Floor, Oakland, CA 94607!
Limit Fast Food Development in South LA. INACTIVE
South LA's Fast Food Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) is set to expire September 14, 2010 and is ineligible for an extension. Join CHC by signing this petition to ask our City Council to protect the health of our communities and limit fast food restaurants in South LA.