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Health Matters

January 2016
A look back at 2015 - a year of change, challenge and community.

State Budget Could Go Further to Invest in California’s Low-income Families
by Anulkah Thomas & Ine Collins, Policy Analysts
July 28th, 2015
The governor and legislature negotiated a $115.4 billion budget deal, which was signed June 24th, that makes important investments in programs that will improve the health and overall quality of life for some of California’s most vulnerable populations.
2015 Selected Transportation Legislative Updates
by By Naomi Iwasaki, Mobility Policy Analyst
July 28th, 2015
Several Transportation related State Assembly Bills are up for review.
State Grocery Worker Bill moves forward with token Food Desert Provision
by By Robert Baird, Policy Analyst
July 28th, 2015
The California State Senate is considering legislation (AB359) that would apply job protections in the grocery industry on a statewide level, following the example of Los Angeles and other cities that have adopted local ordinances in recent years to preserve employee positions during supermarket mergers.
Los Angeles Listed in Top 10 Complete Streets Policies Nationwide
by Naomi Iwasaki, Mobility Policy Analyst
March 18th, 2015
Out of the 70 U.S. jurisdictions that adopted Complete Streets policies last year, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority,or “Metro”,) was ranked in the top ten by Smart Growth America, a national smart growth advocacy and policy organization.
Prime Pulls out of Purchase of Daughters of Charity Health System after Attorney General Conditionally Approves the Deal
by Ine Collins, Healthcare Systems Policy Analyst
March 18th, 2015
On February 20th, the Attorney General, Kamala Harris, announced her decision to conditionally approve the sale of Daughters of Charity Health System (DCHS)—a non-profit chain of six struggling California hospitals—to Prime Healthcare Services, which came with several conditions. These conditions proved too onerous for Prime who announced on March 10th that they would no longer be pursuing the purchase of the health system.
The Safe Neighborhood Parks, Rivers, and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2016 (SB-317)
by Heather Davis, Open Space Policy Analyst
March 18th, 2015
Last month California State Senator Kevin de León authored a new proposed parks measure that will likely go to vote on November 8, 2016.
CHC Joins Statewide Effort in Support of California Nutrition Incentives Act
by Robert Baird, Food Systems & Land Use Policy Analyst
March 17th, 2015
Legislators introduced a bill in the State Assembly on February 27 that promises to bring low-income families closer to small- and mid-size farmers.
Congressional Bills Take Varied Approaches to CHIP Funding Renewal
by Anulkah Thomas, Health Coverage Policy Analyst
March 16th, 2015
The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expires September 2015 although the program is authorized to run through 2019. Given that California, like most states, must finalize its 2015-16 budget by the end of June, our state legislators currently have insufficient information to plan the coming fiscal year’s healthcare allocations.
Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Law Proposed
by Naomi Iwasaki, Mobility Policy Analyst
March 13th, 2015
In California, bicycle riders under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets. However a new bill (SB 192, Liu-D) has been proposed to the state legislature that would require helmets on all bicycle riders, including those riding as passengers or in a trailer pulled by a bicycle.
Federal Marketplace Subsidies at Stake in King v. Burwell
by Anulkah Thomas, Health Coverage Policy Analyst
March 12th, 2015
Oral arguments for the Supreme Court case of King v. Burwell commenced on March 4, 2015. The suit centers on a section of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) stipulating that people who purchase marketplace plans through exchanges “established by the state” are eligible for subsidies which reduce the cost of their insurance premiums and make them more affordable.
New Report Connects Heart Disease to Air Pollution
by Erin Steva, Brownfields Policy Analyst
March 11th, 2015
A recent study found a connection between heart disease deaths and long-term exposure to tiny particles found in vehicle exhaust and diesel fuel pollution.
California introduces Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Warning Label SB 203
by Hector Gutierrez, Food Systems & Urban Agriculture Policy Analyst
March 10th, 2015
California has introduced SB 203, which would establish the Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Safety Warning Act. The bill would require a safety warning on soft drinks, sports drinks and the like.
Improper Disposal of Oil and Gas Wastewater
by Erin Steva, Brownfields Policy Analyst
March 9th, 2015
An investigation prompted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has uncovered over 2,500 wells potentially improperly permitted to allow the injection of oil and gas wastewater into protected underground water sources in California.

Health Matters November 2014
November 15th, 2014
“Disadvantaged Communities” Identified To Receive Cap-and-trade Benefits; California’s Medicaid 1115 Waiver Renewal Application Process Underway; Chemical Plants in US May Get New Rules; Green Trees for the Golden State Seeks to Increase Urban Forests; Children’s Health Insurance Program Funds Set to Expire in One Year; Governor Brown Approves New Redevelopment Tool, Vetoes Others; AB1990 - Community Food Producers Legislative Update; ACA Hearing Held By California Senate Health Committee; California High-Speed Rail Update
Health Matters October 2014
October 15th, 2014
California Plastic Bag Ban; Tensions Rise in Sale of Daughters of Charity Health System to Prime Healthcare; CA to Expand Coverage Options for Immigrants & Pregnant Women; 100 Resilient Cities Update; Cap-and-Trade Update; Legislative Updates
Health Matters May 2014
Proposed Federal Rules for Exchange & Market Standards; Adult Denti-Cal; Covered CA Draft Budget Signals Adjustments in Outreach & Enrollment Strategies; California Legislative Update
Health Matters March 2014
CMS Issues New Rule Expanding Reimbursement for Community based Prevention. Changing the Game: Universal Meals for Qualifying Schools. Amendments to CEQA for TOD Projects. Federal Financing for Complete Streets Projects. Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Legislation.
Health Matters January 2014
Federal Omnibus Budget Overview. California State Budget. Cap & Trade Impacts in the State Budget. IRS Changes on Tax-exempt Hospitals. Philadelphia Adopts Milestone Ordinance to Transform Vacant Properties.

Health Matters December 2013
Covered California Updates. DHCS Distributes Erroneous LIHP Notices. Covered CA Approves Quality Reporting Plan for January 2014. Draft Rules for Unconventional Oil Drilling. SSB Tax Passed in Mexico.
Health Matters October 2013
Covered California Opens. Federal Shutdown. California Legislative Updates. Covered California Discusses Critical Issues. Policy Changes Impacting the Provider Shortage.
Health Matters September 2013
Tri-Caucus to Reintroduce Health Equity & Accountability Act. Local Governments Use Zoning to Regulate Fracking. Delay of Key Protection in ACA. Gearing Up for 2014: State Releases LIHP Transition Plan. Covered CA Intensifies Outreach Efforts. Cap-and-Trade Update: SB605.
Health Matters July 2013
Cost Sharing in Medi-Cal. Medi-Cal Expansion in California. In a State of Uncertainty: The Farm Bill. Employer Mandate Delayed. Reform Impacts Stores in Under-Served Communities. California's Hydraulic Fracturing Bills.
Health Matters June 2013
Non-Physicians May Address Doctor Shortage. Health Care in the CA Budget. Mobility Legislative Updates. Covered CA Awards Grants.
Health Matters May 2013
May Revise to the State Budget. IRS Strengthens Rules on Charity Care. State Enterprise Zone Reforms Moving Through Legislature. Environmental Health Legislation. Five Years after Regulations Adopted, Communities Take a Second Look.
Health Matters April 2013
Health & the Federal Budget. California Tobacco Control Updates. Proposal to "Can" Single-Use Plastic Bags in California's Food Retail Stores. Ten New Bills on Fracking. Progress in Efforts to Save Spaces for Healthy Places.
Health Matters March 2013
Sequestration's Impact on Healthcare. News from Covered California. Tumultuous Times for Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Policies. Legislation Proposes Banning Smoking in Apartments. LA City Council Moving to Create EDD. A Fair Chance to Make Healthy Food Choices. Take CHC's Social Media Survey!
Health Matters February 2013
California's 2013-14 Budget. Governor Calls Special Session to Finish Implementation of ACA. Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxes Filed Throughout the US. New Community Plans for South LA.

Health Matters December 2012
HHS Issues FAQ on Exchanges & Medicaid Expansion. Essential Health Benefits & Qualified Health Plans. Medicaid Pay Bump Delayed in California. Hearing Set for Community Plan. Grow Jobs, Not Weeds.
Health Matters November 2012
Healthcare & the Elections. Obama & Congress Talk Fiscal Cliff. Medicaid Primary Care Rate Increase. Special Session Moved to January. Covered California Health Benefits Exchange. Bitter Outcome of California's Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax Efforts. Pioneering Local Food Procurement Efforts in Los Angeles. Community Plans in South LA. Inglewood Fracking Study Released.
Health Matters October 2012
White House Releases Plan for Mandatory Sequester Cuts. Healthy Families Transition to Medi-Cal. ACA Implementation. National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Oil Concerns Remain Unaddressed. South LA Trees & the Shuttle Endeavour. Vacant Lots Not Empty of Opportunity.
Health Matters July 2012
What the Supreme Court Decision Means for Medicaid Expansion. House Farm Bill: Massive Cuts to SNAP. New Rules for Non-Profit Hospitals. Gov. Brown Signs Final Budget. Health Benefits Exchange ACA Implementation. Low-Income Health Program Transition. Let's Make South LA a Healthier Community! From Corner Store to Community Grocer: Neighborhood Markets Training. NYC Proposes Limits on Sugary Drinks. Chinatown ICO Rejected by LA City Planning Commission. Coming Soon: Safety Net Users' Perceptions of the ACA.
Health Matters June 2012
Lawmakers Pass Budget Riddled with Cuts to Safety Net Programs. Future of Healthy Families Program. Health Benefit Exchange. Healthy Way LA Auto-enrollment of GR Beneficiaries & Transition of Ryan White Patients. Some Insurers Embracing Some ACA Provisions. Sugary Drinks Summit. Let's Get Healthy California. Place Matters for Communities Surrounding Baldwin Hills Oil Field. Ujima Village.
Health Matters May 2012
May Revise Budget Deepens Cuts & Program Changes. CHC Joins the 21st Century!
Health Matters April 2012
State Budget Update: Brown's New Compromise Tax Initiative. Exchange Board Meeting Focuses on Marketing, Outreach & Enrollment. California's Commitment to Health Reform. Counties to Pilot Dual Eligibles' Transition to Managed Care. Healthy Food in California's General Plans. April Hunger Action Day Advocacy Trainings. Upcoming Events.
Health Matters March 2012
Details on Moving Children from Healthy Families to Medi-Cal. Superior Court Decision Prolongs Medi-Cal Battle. Full Speed Ahead: Implementation of CA Health Benefits Exchange. LAO Urges Caution. Cuts to Prevention & Wellness Funds. CA Healthy Food Legislation. Fracking in the Baldwin Hills Oil Field. Funding Shortfalls Jeopardize TODs.
Health Matters February 2012
New from CHC: Fast Food Restaurant Report: Promoting Healthy Dining in South LA. Cuts, Revenue & Triggers: Governor Brown's Budget. CRAs Killed by Supreme Court. California Single Payer Bills Stalls. AB669: Sweetened Beverage Tax Deemed Inactive. Community Workshops: Creating a Healthier Place for Families. Land Use Planning & Advocacy Workshop.

Health Matters November 2011
No Deal from the Joint Committee: What's Next? California Budget. Medi-Cal Cuts Approved. California Exchange Board. LA City Councils Examines Grocery Stores in Food Deserts. Community of Heroes Celebration. How Will Health Reform Affect Your Family?
Health Matters October 2011
Developments in DC: Any Progress? California Legislation. Community of Heroes Celebration.
Health Matters September 2011
Reducing the Budget Deficit & Keeping Families Out of Poverty
Health Matters August 2011
Budget Control Act of 2011.
Health Matters July 2011
Federal Debt Ceiling Tug of War. California Health Benefit Exchange. CRA Moves to Overturn Bills. Transition to Medi-Cal Managed Care. First Lady Launches FreshWorks Fund. South LA Neighborhood Market Update. Los Angeles Grocery Workers Ordinance. LA Bicycle Plan Implementation.
Health Matters June 2011
Federal Budget & Threats to Medicaid. California State Budget. California Health Benefits Exchange. California Healthy Food Legislation. LA Takes Step to Create Bike-friendly Development. Design Debate Delays Crenshaw Fresh & Easy. LA's Shopping Cart Ordinance.
Health Matters May Revise 2011
Governor Brown's May Revise to the State Budget.
Health Matters May 2011
FY2012 Federal Budget. California's Health Benefit Exchange. Bill Proposes Changes to OPA. California Healthy Food Legislation. MLK Hospital Updates. LADHS Low Income Health Programs.
Health Matters March 2011
State Budget Talks Collapse. Federal Budget Battle. REACH US Funding on Chopping Block for 2012. Affordable Care Act Strides Forward. Health Reform Webinar Series. Re-Imagining Empty Space. Upcoming Events: the Future of MLK Medical Center; 2011 REACH US Conference.
Health Matters February 2011
Federal Budget Deficit. State Assembly & Senate Committees Approve Slightly Modified Brown Budget. LA Puts Oil Extraction Tax on the Ballot. Lack of Health Policy Makes Fight for Medical Site an Uphill Battle. South LA Transit Oriented Development Workshops. Re-Imagining Empty Space Tour & Summit.
Health Matters January 2011
Affordable Care Act: Still the Law. State Budget Calls for Deep Cuts & Few Revenue Solutions. Baldwin Hills Oil Field: Renewed Commitments.

Health Matters December 2010.
Major Victories for South LA! Oil Company Walks Away from Negotiations on South LA Oil Field. Closing the Gap: Making the Most of Health Reform webinar series.
Health Matters November 2010.
California's 1115 Waiver Approved. Health Reform & the 2010 Election. California Election Results. Grocery Store Site in Jeopardy as Health Priorities Collide. Webinar Series: Closing the Gap: Making the Most of Health Reform.
Health Matters October 2010
Health Care Reform. 100 Days Overdue, A State Budget. Funding Restored for Every Woman Counts! New Chief Expected for LA County DHS. City Planning Approves Controls on South LA Fast Food Restaurants.
Health Matters September 2010
New Consumer Protections in Health Reform Take Effect. California Healthcare Reform Legislation. California State Budget. National Restaurant Menu Labeling. Monitoring Growth of Fast Food Restaurants in South Los Angeles. Restructuring LA County DHS. Update on Charles Drew University.
Health Matters August 2010
Democrats' Budget Proposal: A More Balanced Approach. Oil Severance Tax. California Healthy Food Financing Initiative. South LA's Expiring Fast-Food Moratorium. Newly Appointed MLK Board of Directors. Employment Opportunity at CHC.
Health Matters July 2010
New Report from CHC! Food Desert to Food Oasis: Promoting Grocery Store Development in South Los Angeles. New Regulations for No-Cost Preventive Care. California Health Insurance Exchange. Federal Government Launches Website on Health Coverage Options. Zoning In on Healthier Fast Food. Oil Drilling Resumes after Four Years.
Health Matters June 2010
State Budget Update. Day at the Capitol. Prevention & Public Health Funding Allocated. LA's Food Corner. Register to Vote!South Health Center Groundbreaking. Health Reform Resources.
Health Matters May 2010
Governor's May Revise Threatens California's Fragile Healthcare System. Funding to South LA Safety Net at Risk. 1115 Medicaid Waiver Update. Assembly Committee Focuses on Baldwin Hills Oil Field. Health Reform Resources.
Health Matters March 2010
House Passes Health Reform! AB 1640 Passes Assembly Health Committee. CHC Responds to City Budget Plan. Efforts to Increase Fresh Food Access in Los Angeles.
Health Matters February 2010
Extending FMAP for Children's Coverage. Coalition Fights for Every Woman Counts. National Interest in Addressing Obesity Rises. CHC Releases Bridging the Health Divide: California's Certified Application Assistants. Be Counted! Community Forum on California Budget Crisis.
Health Matters January 2010
Governor Calls for Deep Cuts to Close Budget Gap. Community Health Headlines: Streamlined permitting could promote healthy development; Congressional resolution supports fresh food financing.

Health Matters November 2009
Historic Health Reform Bills Moving Through Congress. MLK Set to Re-open in Late 2012! Supervisors Sour on Sunset of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Sponsorship. City of Los Angeles Food Policy Task Force. Building Healthy Communities Planning Workgroups.
Health Matters October 2009
Legislation Re-Opens Healthy Families. South LA’s Nutritional Resource Environment. Efforts Continue in Baldwin Hills. Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital.
Health Matters September 2009
Legislation Rescues Healthy Families. MLK Hospital Re-opening. Support for Health in Baldwin Hills.
Health Matters July 2009
500,000 California Children Could Lose Access to Healthcare Coverage. National Health Reform. Building Healthy Communities in South Los Angeles. County Moves to Increase Healthy Food Options.
Health Matters June 2009
Revenue Solutions for California’s Budget Crisis. Families Unfairly Shoulder the Burden of Balancing California’s Budget.
Health Matters May 2009
Voters Reject Budget Measures. Legislative Updates. Healthy Ideas Blog.
Health Matters April 2009
Food Desert to Food Oasis Symposium. State Ballot Measures. Achieving Equitable Health Environment. Mid-Year Status Reporting Temporarily Suspended. LA County Releases 2008-09 Budget.
Health Matters March 2009
Economic Stimulus Package Provides State & Local Fiscal Relief. DOF & Treasurer Weigh Sufficiency of Stimulus Funds to Restore State Budget Cuts. Tentative Agreement to Reopen MLK.
Health Matters February 2009
Legislature Finally Approves New Budget. CHIP Reauthorization Signed. President Obama Rescinds August 17th Directive. LA County PPP Allocation Update. Environmental Justice Opportunities in Los Angeles. Upcoming Events.
Health Matters January 2009
Governor Proposes Steep Cuts to Close Growing Deficit. SCHIP Reauthorization Due. LA County PPP Allocation Update. CHC Releases South LA Health Equity Scorecard. Conference: Food Desert to Food Oasis.

Health Matters November 2008
MRMIB Considers Freezing Healthy Families Enrollment. CHC Files Suit Against LA County over Baldwin Hills Oil Drilling. Daniel Freeman Hospital Update. Status of PPP Funding Allocations. Release of CHC's South Los Angeles Health Equity Scorecard.
Health Matters September 2008
Governor Signs 2008-09 Budget. Board Responds to DHS Audit Report. PPP Clinic Expansion Proposed for South LA to Close Equity Gap. Menu Labeling.
Health Matters July 2008
State Budget & Children's Healthcare Coverage. SCHIP Reauthorization. CMS August 17th SCHIP Directive. Healthy Food Legislation (California/City of Los Angeles), GBHA Mobilizes Around Envirnonmental Health.
Health Matters May 2008
May Revise Makes Deeper Cuts to Healthcare. UC to Reconsider Operating MLK Hospital. Funding Formula for Clinics Lacks Equity.
Health Matters April 2008
CMS Directive Restricts SCHIP Coverage. Medicaid Regulations Cost California. Legislation to Watch. Pacific Hospital Heads List to Operate MLK.
Health Matters February 2008
State Budget Update. California Healthcare Reform. CHC Receives Legislative Champion Award. Supervisors Reject Plan to Close Clinics. Harbor-UCLA Cited for Service Lapses. Residents Mobilize for Environmental Health.
Health Matters January 2008
Senate Blocks Healthcare Reform Bill. Medi-Cal & Healthy Families Budget Cuts. House Fails to Override SCHIP Veto. Discount Hospital Care.