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Health Coverage

Health Coverage is dedicated to ensuring all Californians have healthcare coverage by eliminating barriers to applying for, using, and retaining health coverage.

We support coalitions at the local, state and national levels to expand healthcare coverage and improve outreach, enrollment, retention and utilization in publicly-sponsored coverage programs.

The touchstone project helps families enroll in and use low-cost health insurance program to reduce the number of uninsured children in LA County. Health Coverage mobilizes two coalitions — Covering Kids & Families California, LA Access to Health Coverage Coalition — and ABC (Accessing Benefits for Children) / El Proyecto de Salud ABC: Acceso a Beneficios Para los Niños, one of the first community-based outreach projects in California.

Health Coverage also is an active member of the LAHealth4All coalition which brings together organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Los Angeles County residents working together to strengthen our county health safety-net infrastructure in order to improve the quality of health care and increase access for the remaining uninsured.


On the Path to Enrollment
Millions of Californians will be newly eligible for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act starting January 1, 2014. Many will need help understanding, accessing, and using these benefits. This report provides information about the outreach, enrollment, and assistance programs required under the ACA, and about efforts to implement this continuum of consumer support in California. Published with the California HealthCare Foundation.
Bridging the Health Divide: Designing the Navigator System in California
This report details over a dozen recommendations for building a robust and consumer-friendly Navigator program in California. It provides an overview of the enrollment demands the state will face in 2014 and explores effective strategies for ensuring that as many individuals and businesses as possible can successfully enroll into coverage.
Bridging the Health Divide: LA Access Case Study
The LA Access to Health Coverage Coalition was established in 2002 to increase access to quality, affordable health insurance programs for low-income individuals in Los Angeles County. This report examines how Coalition agencies have adopted Outreach, Enrollment, Retention and Utilization strategies to enroll children into public insurance programs. It focuses on the unique approaches Coalition members have adopted to reach uninsured, eligible children and families.
Bridging the Health Divide: California's Certified Application Assistants
More than 20,000 individuals in California are trained as “Certified Application Assistants” to help families enroll in and maintain their public healthcare coverage. While the profession has grown and evolved through the years, very little is known about this dynamic workforce that bridges children and families to healthcare coverage and services. To assess the potential to advance the CAA profession, Community Health Councils conducted a survey of CAAs in Los Angeles County. Read the resulting report, Bridging the Health Divide: California’s Certified Application Assistants.
OERU Toolkit: Strategies for Healthcare Coverage
The Toolkit is a companion piece to the Policy Framework for Outreach, Enrollment, Retention, & Utilization. The Framework provided the outline for California and its counties to structure and define OERU policies. The Toolkit is an additional resource that presents specific strategies to strengthen and build OERU.
Policy Framework for Outreach, Enrollment, Retention & Utilization for Healthcare Coverage in California
This report describes the experiences and successes of local programs, such as Children's Health Initiatives, in providing health coverage to all children and families throughout California.
Path to Accessing Health Coverage: Outreach, Enrollment, Retention & Utilization
California still faces the reality of more than 800,000 uninsured children. This policy brief identifies future challenges and opportunities and puts forward principles to strengthen outreach, enrollment, retention and utilization in California.
My Health L.A. Continues to Grow
by Anulkah Thomas, Health Coverage Policy Analyst
February 20th, 2015
With less than six months of operation, the My Health L.A. program has already surpassed half of the enrollment target of 146,000.