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Healthcare Systems

Healthcare Systems works to preserve and improve access to, and the quality of, the healthcare safety net.

We mobilize individuals and organizations into coalitions that work on issues around health disparities to improve the quality of healthcare and preserve the healthcare safety net. 

The Coalition for Health & Justice works to ensure access to quality healthcare for the underserved residents of South Los Angeles.

The South Los Angeles Healthcare Leadership Roundtable works to eliminate structural barriers to the delivery of quality healthcare in South LA.

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Community Advisory Group (CAG) Profiles
There are currently 19 South LA area residents who are actively serving on the CAG. They are an ethnically, aged and geographically diverse group of people, from all walks of life. Though they come from different backgrounds and experiences, they are all united by their love of the South LA community, and their desire to help create a better place for their families, neighbors and friends to live and thrive.
Health Professional Shortage Areas: A History & Guide to Proposed Revisions
To prepare stakeholders for upcoming changes to the Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) designation, this report reviews the program, the benefits of HPSA designation, the designation process, and efforts to revise existing methodology. It offers preliminary recommendations to consider when responding to proposals to review the federal rule.
Dialogues with South Los Angeles Safety Net Users on Health Reform
This report analyzes data on South Los Angeles' safety net users' knowledge of health reform, what they are worried about when it comes to healthcare, and their likelihood to change providers in 2012. The report used qualitative and quantitative approaches to gather information from consumers about their experiences and opinions of the safety net healthcare system in South LA and highlights common themes.
South Los Angeles Health Equity Scorecard
The South Los Angeles Health Equity Scorecard documents the inequities in South LA's healthcare and physical resource environments and challenges city and county officials to take action on policy recommendations for a healthy community. The study calculated scores for 50 socioeconomic and environmental factors that influence health behaviors and outcomes, comparing South Los Angeles to West LA and LA County as a whole. The Scorecard is intended to guide the policy agenda for South LA and provides key recommendations along with the agencies responsible for their implementation.